The Pantheon Mechanic

The nature of this game means that mortals are acutely aware that more than one God exists, and as such the mortals may worship different Gods for different aspects of their lives.
Being worshipped

Interacting with mortals will cause them to worship you out of respect, gratitude, or fear.

Worship Slots

Each mortal sentient race has 3 slots available for worship. These slots indicate how much time a race or culture spends worshipping particular Gods. A god that creates a race automatically gains 1 worship slot from that race, the others must be earned and kept through consistent interaction with the race.

Winning Worship:

A God gains extra worship slots with a race by making themselves relevant to that race, by helping them in ways that relate to the God’s nature or Domains. A major act or everyday interaction in the way of small prayers will win a race’s worship slot. Worship slots can be won from other Gods if your God becomes more relevant.
If you feel an action you have done has earned you a place in the hearts of a civilisation or race, bring it to the GM’s attention and discuss it.
Note: There are many types of worship beyond just prayer. Mortals can offer sacrifices, create idols of your God, tell stories about your God,take actions in your God’s name, or even follow your God’s examples and behaviors.

Benefits of worship:

For every slot in a race a God owns, they gain an extra GP at the beginning of an age. Beings that worship you can also be given orders, influenced, and interacted with more easily.

Making a Pantheon:

A Pantheon is a group of two or more Gods that have banded together, and present themselves as a group to their worshippers and the world. Creating or joining a Pantheon can add a lot of fun and flavor to your game, along with a few mechanical benefits.
Like the worlds the players make, Pantheons can take many forms, and have many rules, but they are all made of some basic components.


The name of the Pantheon. Something that means something to the members, and is short. Perhaps it is a thematic element that drew the member Gods to form the pantheon, or their common goal.


A list of the member Gods

Communal haven:

The Pantheon may have a communal Haven where they can all retire to in order to discuss matters or work together. This Haven may have an Oracle of it’s own, themed to the Pantheon.


This is the set of rules and stated goal of the Pantheon. It can state how the member Gods are expected to act in regards to each other, other Gods, and the world as whole.

GP Pool

For each worship slot on a mortal race that a Pantheon occupies, that Pantheon earns 2GP per age into a communal GP pool for the pantheon to use. Member gods may also contribute a number of GP per age as a tithe.

The Pantheon Mechanic

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