Reference Charts

Here are the major charts for quick reference. their purpose will be explained in greater detail in following sections of this document.

Divinity scale and rank

Divinity Number Rank Cost Miracle Scale – Creation, Manipulation, Destruction.
0 0 None, this is the level of a mortal, up to mortal heroes or leaders. Can only function within the constraints of reality.
1 1 Personal superhuman and supernatural abilities that still mostly work within the constraints of their reality
2 2 working within or creating an area equivalent to a town. Influencing and controlling 1000 entities or organisms. Creating 1 entity or organism Maximum starting rank
3 3 working within an area equivalent to a city. Influencing and controlling 10,000 entities or organisms. Creating 1,000 entities or organisms
6 6 (Maximum Starting ranks in Divinity) working within or creating an area equivalent to a geographical area; a plain, a forest, a mountain, a valley, a ravine, a river, a lake, etc.
Influencing and controlling 100,000 entities or organisms. Creating 10,000 entities or organisms
9 9 working within or creating an area equivalent to a continent or ocean. Influencing and controlling 1,000,000 entities or organisms. Creating 100,000 entities or organisms
12 12 working within or creating an area equivalent to an entire world. Influencing and controlling an entire species of entities or organisms. Creating 1,000,000 entities or organisms
15 15 working within or creating an area equivalent to an entire world. Influencing and controlling an entire ecosystem of entities or organisms. Creating a world-spanning species of entities or organisms
18 18 working within or creating an area equivalent to a Solar system or equivalent celestial system
21 21 working within an entire reality or universe
24 24 Working outside of or creating an entire reality or universe.

Action difficulty and complexity

Base Difficulty Creation, Manipulation, Destruction. All base creations behave within the rules of the universe they were created. To add extra traits that bend or defy these rules complexity and scale increase.
0 Simple elements or phenomena; stone, minerals, water, air, fire, shadow, etc.
12 Simple objects or tools with few or no moving parts; made of few elements. A hammer, a sword, a wand, a basket, etc. Basic geographical phenomena made of a few common elements, but no life; deserts, hills, mountains, plains, ravines, caves, lakes, rivers, oceans etc.
15 Complex tools and devices comprised of many moving parts and materials; machines, buildings, etc. Simple organisms with little autonomy; single cell organisms, plants.
18 Complex, animate and autonomous organisms without sentience; animals, autonomous machines, spirits, etc. (Get one positive and one negative trait free)
21 Sentient entities capable of thought, learning, creation and worship. (Get sentience trait free along with 1 positive and 1 negative trait)
24 Powerful entities, objects, or places; Heroes, items of power, holy places
27 Complex systems involving many simple and complex components such as ecosystems, psychic networks, living cities, etc. Large complex miracles that behave within the existing rules of reality.
30 Reality-altering at a fundamental level. Manipulating, adding, or destroying constants; Gravity, thermodynamics, thaumadynamics, magic, Faster Than Light travel. Manipulating, adding, or destroying planes of existence – material, spiritual, phsychic, dreams, demonic, angelic, etc.
33 Creating small pocket dimensions outside of reality with different rules to reality; Havens for Gods, etc. Tunnel through to other existing dimensions and realities.
36 Create a new universe with it’s own starting rules.

Domain ranks and modifiers

Rank Cost Domain Bonus
1 +2
2 +4
3 +6

race creation tables

object creation tables

Reference Charts

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