race creation

To create a ‘life form’ has first a base target, and then modifiers for extra traits. Below are listed some examples of traits and their modifiers. These scaled modifiers can be used when modifying a creature or a race as well.

Creating a creature or race with the default stats has a target difficulty of 9.


Everything has a lifespan. At default, any creation you make will have a base lifespan of 25 years at maximum. This can be shortened at the player’s discretion at no extra cost. Below are the age ranges and their costs in Difficulty modifier. Maximum lifespan refers to when the life form would die of old age.

Difficulty Modifier Maximum lifespan
0 25
+2 50
+4 100
+6 200
+8 500
+10 1000
+12 functionally Immortal


At default, creatures are about the size of or smaller than an average humanoid, about 1.8 meters in height or length. Increases in size add extra difficulty to the roll.

Difficulty Modifier Maximum Size
0 Up to Human
+2 Up to Elephant
+4 Up to Whale
+6 Up to a town
+8 up to an island
+10 Up to Continent
+12 Up to a world or celestial body


A trait is a positive or negative aspect that defines a creature or race. A race can have up to 4 positive traits, and must have at least one negative trait.

The first positive trait is free with a successful roll. Each positive trait after the first costs +3 to target difficulty. Negative traits cost nothing, but are always detrimental.

Before it receives any traits, a species is a simple blank slate of animal intelligence. It would blend into the ecosystem as a mundane part of the world with no standout features. Below is a list of some possible traits.

+/- Trait Description
+ Sentience Creatures are able to think and reason and worship.
+ Shapeshifter Creature can shape shift to appear like anything with similar size/volume
Superstitious Prone to believing superstitions and practicing strange rituals.
Unreliable Prone to leaving tasks half-done or wandering off when being relied upon.

race creation

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