God Points

God Points, or GP are used for a few different functions and acquired in a few different ways.

Uses for GP:

GP has a variety of uses in game that can help your god to perform powerful world-shaping actions or increase your chances of success.

Upshift divinity: GP can upshift your divinity for an action .

1GP = 1 Divinity.

Upshift a roll: You can add extra ranks to your rolls to increase your chance of success.

1GP = +2 to a roll

Heal Damage: GP can be spent to heal ranks of damage immediately so long as you are not being attacked.

3GP = 1 rank healed.

Optional Rule: Force Foible. A player can give another player 2GP in order to force the other player to adhere to one of their foibles. This rule should only be used in a game where all players agree to it. While the forced player will have to play their foible they can choose exactly how the foible is enacted. GM always has final rule on these situations.
2GP given = Force another player to act according to their foible.

Acquiring GP

GP comes from the GM, and is granted under a few different circumstances.

Beginning of an age: At the beginning of an age, players are granted an amount of GP base on the number of ranks they have in domains. The method for reaching this number may vary, but it will usually be one of the two following formula:

Number of ranks in domains x number chosen by GM


Number of ranks in domains +number chosen by GM

The earning of GP at the beginning of an Age may also be tied to how much the God is worshipped. This may be a flat bonus or a multiplier.

Awarded for good roleplaying: A bonus GP may be rewarded to a player for playing their character very well in a scene, or for good character development in the game. This can include a player playing their foibles.

GM Fiat: If the GM has to railroad or otherwise limit a player’s options for the sake of the game, this can be mitigated by a reward GP for the player being a good sport. This can include a GM encouraging a player to play their foibles.

Awarded for good OOC behavior: Making maps or helping others with rules, or other cool stuff that’s not in the game might net you an GP too.

God Points

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