God Combat

Sometimes conflict will come to blows. Combat is a form of opposed action that results in direct damage to a God. The flow of combat is as follows;

Sequence of Combat

The attacker always starts, then the defender, then any other parties nearby may join in.

1: The attacking player rolls 2D6, and adds their domains and any GP bonus. If Divinity is required for the action they must pay this. Divinity may be required if the attack is particularly extravagant or monumental – such as throwing a moon at your victim.

2: The defender chooses how or if they intend to defend. They then roll 2d6 and add their domain bonuses and any GP upshifts. If the defender chooses not to defend then the attack automatically succeeds. A divinity-powered attack does not necessarily need to be answered with a divinity-powered defense, depending on how the defender deals with the attack.

3: If the attacker rolls highest or the results are a tie, the defender receives 1 rank of damage. If the defender rolls highest they avoid damage. This combat action is then resolved and the defender or another participant may act.

Note that divinity-powered attacks may cause catastrophic collateral damage to your surroundings!

God Combat

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