Divine Items

Divine Items are objects or individuals that have Divinity, Domains, or both of their own. They are fabled, powerful artifacts that are found by players, or crafted when the player has become stronger.

The creation or acquisition of a Divine Item should be creative and interesting. It’s a chance to increase a God’s mythology and renown as well as their raw power or influence over a Domain. If a God that found or created a Divine Item permanently dies, the Item persist in the game and can be wielded by gods and perhaps even mortals.

Components of a Divine Item:

Divine Items are made up of 4 components; a Name, Qualities, Drawbacks, and Flavor.


The Item’s name.


Qualities cover the Item’s positive qualities. Unlike Objects created by Gods, Divine Items have full-blown Domains with Ranks, Penumbras, Modifiers, and may even have a Divinity score. When the player has increased in power or influence enough to create a Divine Item (as described above) They can create or enhance a Divine Item with a rank of Domain or a rank of Divinity, just like a God has. Any one item can have a single Domain at rank 2 maximum, Divinity at rank 2 maximum, or a Domain at rank 1 and Divinity at rank 1 maximum


Drawback are like Foibles for Divine Items. Each Divine Item must have a Drawback. Drawbacks can limit how the Item is used, or cause side-effects in whatever action the Item is used to work on.


Flavor for a Divine Item is like the Roleplay elements for a God, describing how the Item was created, it’s mythology, and how it behaves.


Demigods are an option for Divine Items. Mechanically, they are made of the same components as a Divine Item, but are also independent sentient characters in their own rights. They can have an intelligence and personality of their own ranging from that of a simple animal to a fully sentient being. Demigods may be the children of Gods, or constructs, or even a mortal with Divine Item. Due to their independent nature as an NPC, they may even disagree with their creator.

Divine Items

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