Damage is dealt directly to a god’s ranks in their domains and then divinity. Each successful attack causes one rank in damage and reduces the effectiveness of the domain or Divinity by 1 Rank. When all domains have been reduced to 0, then Divinity is damaged. When Divinity is reduced to 0, the god is rendered helpless.

Healing, Lethality and Death

Depending on the players and the style of the campaign the Gm may decide on several levels of lethality and when a God ultimately perishes. below are a few models for God death.


The defeated God is dissolved and the victors share their remaining GP amongst themselves. The defeated God will return at the beginning of the next age with their usual stipend of GP and all damage healed. If this model is being used, then all damage for all Gods should be healed at the beginning of an age.

Permanent Death

The defeated God is permanently slain, and removed from the game. The victors split any remaining GP the God had. This model should see damage be more lasting, and perhaps only 1 rank of damage is healed at the beginning of each age.

The other main method of healing damaged ranks is through the expenditure of GP. 3GP = 1 regained rank. The player themselves can pay this, or another god can spend the GP to heal them.


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