Becoming Stronger

One of the most enjoyable aspect of playing Roleplaying Games is getting more powerful and influential as the game proceeds. There are several methods for achieving this from very simple to more complex. I’ll list a few here:

Simple: GM Decleration.

The GM may declare after an Age, a certain number of Ages, a certain number of sessions, or after a particularly climactic event that the group has attained more Divine Essence with which they can create a Divine Item each to enhance their Divinity or a Domain.

Granular: Upgrade Points.

The GM may award Upgrade Points for player actions in a similar way to God Points. When the GM believes that a player has done something that would increase their power or influence, or at the begging or end of an Age, or the begginning or end of a session, the GM can award UP to players to tally up.

When a player reaches a pre-defined total of UP, they can spend them to create a Divine Item. The number of UP needed to create a Divine Item is recommended to be sifficiently high, depending on how regularly you hand them out, to how much raw Divine Power you want in your game. ( A recommended number is 10) The number required may increase for each successive level of Divine Item.

Note: It is a good idea to keep the distribution of UP reasonably even amongst your players, to prevent overpowering some players compared to others. It is also recommended that GP and UP have separate totals and uses to discourage hoarding.

Becoming Stronger

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