Astas, the Master of Fear

Astas is a God of fear, monsters, and mischief


Divinity 2 (2 ranks)

Astas interacts with the world both on a personal scale and in a wider mythbuilding style. He likes to create races and societies that operate by leveraging fear or trickery but must behave within a ritualised set of rules and superstitions. On a personal level he likes deals, challenges, and games.


Fear +2 (1 rank)

One of the primal drives of all creatures, fear can keep you alive or control you, or inspire you. Astas can control it and cause it in all it’s forms.

Mischief +2 (1 rank)

tricks, games, challenges, deals, pranks, causing frustration, mayhem, and confusion. Astas started out as a mischievous playful spirit, and still maintains this aspect about himself.

Monsters +2 (1 rank)

Frightening beasts of to inspire tales and rituals, or dark things to guard dangerous items of power, Astas is the master of dreaming up, and making horrors that stalk the world.

Darkness +2 (1 rank)

Asas is a master of shadows and things hidden in darkness. He can manipulate darkness as a fundamental force.


Player of Games

Astas is an adherent to rituals and rules which govern his behavior and those he creates. A good myth, legend, or superstition has ritualised rules that govern behavior, and these must be adhered to.

Trickster Demon

Astas has a reputation for being a prankster and others often find it hard to trust him. He also has a reputation for causing havoc and fear, so may often declare him an enemy just on principle.



Astas was originally a trickster spirit of mischief and prankery, but one day on a challenge from a mortal, he decided to trick and trap all the fears of the world in a magical box.

When he did, the world went mad. Without their fears to guide and control them, people put themselves at great risk, and without fear of reprisal, they did unspeakable things tro each other.

Astas lamented, because he couldn’t set the fears free, only become their master, and their slave. Finally, he combined with the fears of the world to save the life of one little girl and became the Master of Fear.

Personality and Appearance

Astas is a very theatrical figure. sometimes he acts like a playful and mercurial prankster, and other times as a frightening cackling villain.

He often appears as a tall shadowy figure with sharp horns. He is a masterful shape shifter, but his other most common form is that of a large owl constructed entirely of shadow.


Astas believes his job of teaching mortals the nature of fear is vital. he wants them to understand it’s value as entertainment, a cautionary tool, and a preventative tool. His methods for this are usually frightening and intimidating.


Astas loves the theatre of a good ritual steeped in myth and superstition. He loves creating fabled monsters that require ritualised remedies to ensure the potential victims’ safety. Fetishes and other curiosities that spark the imagination. He also revels in games and challenges with mortals, ritualising the encounters.

Astas, the Master of Fear

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