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Before Creation

Dawn of the Divine

Welcome, Divine Ones! I am so glad you have arrived, just in time to take custodianship of your new realm. It, and I, have been waiting for the longest fraction of a second.

Oh! But I forget myself! It is time for you to introduce yourselves, choose the form of your mortal plane, and begin the exhaustive and rewarding task of Creation, capital C!

Discuss amongst yourselves the world you would like to create, and how each of you will contribute to it’s birth. I am here to provide knowledge if you are feeling a little disoriented!

The Oracle hovers before you and the other Gods in the Firmament, a dimensionless void that had no context or meaning before your arrival.

Your existence, and awareness has awakened here fully formed, with any past lives fading quickly from your memory, and no knowledge of how you arrived.

Here, the will of the Divine will take form. Decide on the mortal universe you wish to create, and the world that shall be your charge.


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